Still Loved

A story of love, hope and courage, as families strive to find happiness again after the loss of a tiny life.

A feature length documentary currently in post production.

See the Still Loved website for full information about this film and watch our teaser.

Our team

Director/Producer - Debbie Howard
Producer - Colin Pons - Studio of the North
Producer - Polly Perkins
Editor - Joby Gee
Exec Producer - Ruth Pitt
Assistant Producer - Emily Axon
DoP - Emma  Dalesman
Sound Recordists - Grant Bridgeman/David Mitchell/Heather Jordan

Molinare Post Production

With thanks to our sponsors:

The South London and Maudsley NHS Trust
The Lily Mae Foundation
Derby, Chesterfield and Bedforshire Sands
Christine Bell, Vanessa Thatcher and Alice Jolly
Sheffield Town Trust

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Watch our 3 min teaser below

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Seventeen babies die everyday from stillbirth and neonatal death in the UK alone. It's time to break the silence.

"People said 'Don't worry, you'll have other children. The point is we wanted this child'."




"Thank you for what you are doing. When I lost my little girl, I had no idea that losing my child in the way I did was even possible - not really. It wasn't mentioned, there was no warning. And then to go on to find out how common it really is really frustrated me. Awareness needs to be brought to this topic. Something needs to change.

I look forward to tracking the progress of your project. Strength and light to you as you embark on exploring one of the most cruel losses. And thank you again for taking it on."

With love, Cath Adelbert, Sydney, Australia