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Still Loved picture lock

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Posted on 27th of Apr '15

Still Loved update

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Posted on 7th of Oct '14

Still Loved Post Production progress - rough cut

We've finished shooting Still Loved now and have around 150 hours of fantastic footage. We are currently editing in London with Molinare with our Editor, Joby Gee We have just watched our first rough cut, which is coming together brilliantly so far. A way more to go. We hope to have picture lock by early March and then begin our sound edit, score and grade. We hope to have a finished film by around May 2015.

We have a new Exec Producer, Ruth Pitt on board and are working with Sarah Mosses, Together Films on our outreach strategy.

You can find out more about all of this on the Still Loved website.


Success in Cannes

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Posted on 21st of May '14 under Films: Documentary

Picture I'm back from my trip to Cannes and it was a great success! Our Producer Colin is still there, so hopefully he'll be handing out Still Loved goody bags as I write this.

It's an intense festival - ram packed, full of hustle and bustle, with streets lined with celeb spotters, it's all a bit crazy, but very useful too.
We had some fantastic meetings with Producers, Distributors, Editors and incredibly useful organisations that will be able to come on board and help us soon or further down the line.


It was great to hear so much positive feedback about Still Loved, especially when people watched the teaser and saw how powerful the material is.

In between meetings we managed a few parties, some screenings and a good few glasses of wine. But didn't have time for a swim in the sea sadly, maybe next time!

I have to say, I'm quite glad to be home though, it's nice to get back to a bit of normality and a nice cup of tea!




Cannes Film Festival 2014

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Posted on 12th of May '14 under Films: Documentary

Picture We're very excited to be attending Cannes Film Festival this year. Both our Director, Debbie Howard and one of our Producers, Colin Pons, will be attending the festival to promote Still Loved. We leave this coming weekend, 17th May for 4 days.

Armed with our publicity and our fabulous goody bags containing the latest post cards, business cards, USB stick with our teaser and press kit, our bespoke Still Loved forget-me-not seeds and of course, a Yorkshire tea bag, to show where we're from.

We're hoping to have lots of useful meetings and which will help Still Loved get to completion. And we promise to try not to fall asleep on the beach after too much free wine at the parties!!

Read all about the festival here:

We'll post some pictures when we get back! Wish us luck!

Support our Kickstarter campaign

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Posted on 11th of Apr '14 under Films: Documentary

We have launched our latest Kickstarter campaign for our feature documentary Still Loved. This is to raise funds to get us through post production. We have worked very hard on this film for almost two years and have some fantastic footage.

If you would like to support us, please click this here for how to donate, and please share the link with others too.



New Still Loved website

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Posted on 28th of Mar '14 under Films: Documentary

We've been working hard for set up a new improved website for our forthcoming feature documentary Still Loved. This is now live, so please take a look and find out more about this powerful new film. You can watch our 10 min teaser, look at loads of lovely pics in our gallery and read the blogs.

You can see the new website here

Women in Film and Television Mentoring Scheme 2014

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Posted on 20th of Feb '14 under Films: Documentary

Things are progressing well with the Women in Film and TV Mentoring Scheme that our Director Debbie Howard is currently part of.

Every other week there are incredibly inspiring talks given by the other mentees on the scheme. So far we've covered working as a stunt women with Amanda Foster, writer multidimensional female characters with Adeela Sharif Antunes, Motion Graphics with Allison Brownmoore, how a DoP prepares for business with Audrey Aquilina, crowd funding with Lisa Francesca Nand and writing three act structure for thriller with Lotus Hannon. Lots more to come.

Debbie has begun meeting with her mentor Beadie Finzi from Britdoc, who's advice and guidance is proving to be incredibly beneficial. Beadie's wealth of knowledge about documentary is just what Debbie needs at this stage of making Still Loved.

As well as the regular meetings and talks there are extra sessions, from looking at improving CV's to speed dating and networking sessions with other industry professionals. As part of the scheme Debbie is also meeting with Nicola Shindler of RED in a few weeks time in Manchester.

Led by Nicola Lees - TV Mole the sessions are dynamic and hugely productive and have already had a big impact on the mentees careers.

Still Loved updates

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Posted on 20th of Feb '14 under Films: Documentary

Things are really busy in the Big Buddha office at the moment. The team have been spending time working on the press kit and marketing materials for Still Loved, our feature documentary about stillbirth and baby loss. We're now up to our eyes in funding applications so that we can finish our film.

With just 4 days left to shoot with three families over the next few weeks, this will complete our filming.


Our Editor, Adam Thomas has been working on creating various teasers of different lengths for applicaitons for funding and the Doc Fest Meet Market, and we're hoping to resume post production in a few weeks time. We'll soon be putting our 10 minute teaser up on line for you to see.


Debbie Howard (Director) and Polly Perkins (Producer) are working hard on the funding applications and marketing, Colin Pons (Producer) is having meetings and attending festivals, speaking with sales agents and distribution companies. Emily (assistant Producer) is busy transcribing a lot of our interview footage, along with several very helpful interns and production assisants.

We are anticipating having this film completed by late summer or autumn this year.

For any further info about this film please visit the film's main website.

You can also join the film's Facebook and Twitter.

See Jane

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Posted on 20th of Feb '14 under Films: Fiction

Check out this fantastic See Jane animation from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media here:

It really nails it!

More useful stuff on their website here:

Women in Film and Television Mentoring Scheme 2014

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Posted on 14th of Jan '14 under Films: Documentary

Our Director Debbie Howard has begun her mentoring scheme at Women in Film and TV UK, in London last week.

The scheme kicked off in style with a full day of getting to know the other 19 mentees and Nicola Lees who runs the scheme. It was a very inspiring day!

Debbie's mentor for the next six months is Beadie Finzie from Britdoc, they have their first one-to-one session next week.

To find out more about the scheme see here:

Debbie is delighted to be part of the mentoring scheme and is very much looking forward to being pushed to the next level in her career.