See our Yorkshire Post article about Peekaboo which was out this week

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Posted on 17th of Dec '11 under Films: Fiction

You can read the whole article which was published in the Yorkshire Post this week about Peekaboo here. Catherine Scott interviewed myself, Lesley Sharp and Shaun Dooley about the film. They showed lots of film stills in the paper too. Big thanks to Catherine Scott for the interview, to the cast and to Rachel McWatt for doing our PR and setting this up.


Girl selected for KIDZ FILMZ

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Posted on 7th of Dec '11 under Films: Fiction

Very pleased the The Girl with the World in Her Hair has been selected for KIDZ FILMZ Film Festival in Manasquan, New Jersey in January 2012.


Encounters Film Festival highlights

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Posted on 23rd of Nov '11 under Films: Fiction

Having just returned from Encounters Film Festival, I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. Firstly, I'd like to say what a fantastic festival it is, I saw so many great films and attended some great seminars.

My film The Girl with the World in Her Hair went down very well and played with some other lovely children's films, especially Tooth Fairy Affaird by Izabela Melamed from Bulgaria.

I was delighted that Michelle Arbon, who worked with me on Peekaboo won an award for her short film Above as Below in the Depict section, well done Michelle, a beautiful film.

I particularly enjoyed the masterclass with Carol Morely and Cairo Cannon and enjoyed seeing their new film Dreams of Life. They are such an inspiring pair and it was wonderful to hear them talk about their work and see excerpts of their previous films. I can't wait to see their new film Edge, in cinema's very soon.

I also loved Jez Benstock's The British Guide to Showing Off, which closed the festival on Sunday evening. A really fun film that made you want to dress up, go out and party!

Another highlight was the Bruce Robinson talk, which was sold out, but we were kindly given some free tickets from Carol Morely and Cairo Cannon, which was wonderful, because it was really inspiring and very funny. So glad we got to hear Bruce talk, what a great character he is.

I laughed so hard I almost cried watching Las Palmas, a short film by Johannes Nyholm, which won the Audience Award, unsuprisingly. You can see this on line, I'd really recommend it. I've never seen a jam packed cinema full of people laughing that hard in a long time.

I loved Long Distance Information by Douglas Hart, a fantastic short with a great pay off, and starring the wonderful Peter Mullen.

I watched so many great films it's hard to mention them all. But it was great to see so much talent out there.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone that worked so hard to put the festival together, they did an excellent job and made it a great experience for everyone that attended. I hope to be back there next year with Peekaboo.

Count down to Encounters

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Posted on 14th of Nov '11 under Films: Fiction

We're off to Encounters Film Festival in Bristol in two days time for five days of fun, films and more films. There's some brilliant screenings and masterclasses taking place, I can't wait! Our film The Girl with the World in her Hair is screening on Saturday, and I'll be going armed with our new posters to make sure we get maximum impact.

Check out our poster here. Beautifully designed by Kate Warren, big thanks to Kate for this. And printed for us by ASAP in Sheffield.


Our score has been recorded and it's stunning!

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Posted on 13th of Nov '11 under Films: Fiction

I'd like to say a huge thank you to our composer, Samuel Karl Bohn and cellist Nerys Richards for their hard work and enormous talent today recording our score for Peekaboo at Samuel's studio in London. It sounds absolutely stunning. I'm getting more and more excited about the film at each stage. The sound will be mixed and completed this week by Grant Bridgeman, then we've just CGI and a Grade to go and we'll be done. Wonderful! Thanks again to all those that have made Peekaboo happen.


Another Executive Producer on board with Peekaboo

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Posted on 7th of Nov '11 under Films: Fiction

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Christine Bell, one of our main sponsors for Peekaboo, and welcome her on board as an Executive Producer. Christine has donated three times to Peekaboo, helping us to shoot our film and complete our post production. Thanks so much for all your help Christine, we couldn't have done this without you.

Watch our brand new Peekaboo teaser here

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Posted on 2nd of Nov '11 under Films: Fiction

Finally we have our Peekaboo trailer here for you to watch. Please click the link below. Please help us by making a donation if you can, to help us complete our film. Please also share this with your friends and help spread the word. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far.  And big thanks to Will Winfield for editing this teaser for us.

_Lesley Shaun and baby.jpg

Peekaboo trailer coming soon

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Posted on 24th of Oct '11 under Films: Fiction

I spent the day editing the trailer for Peekaboo today. It's looking great and will be on our website in a week's time, watch this space. Big thanks to Will Winfield for putting this together.

Funds needed for Peekaboo Score

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Posted on 6th of Oct '11 under Films: Fiction

Our wonderful composer, Samual Karl Bohn, is currently working on a beautiful score for Peekaboo. However, to get the best possible result for our film, Sam would like to bring in cellists and violinists to record the music live. This will raise hugely enhance our film, but we need to raise the funds to do this.

So many people have helped us get this far by making donations. Please come on board and help us with these last stages. All donations have rewards, including your name in the credits. Please see our Peekaboo page for more details.

Come on board, be part of this amazing film.  Thanks.


Girl goes to Kerry

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Posted on 20th of Sep '11 under Films: Fiction

Very pleased to announce that The Girl with the World in Her Hair will be screening at Kerry Film Festival in Ireland in about six weeks time. Hoping to attend if possible. It's also currently going down well at the out door solar powered screenings in parks in Bristol, as part of the run up to Encounters Film Festival where it will screen in November.