Big Buddha Films

Big Buddha Films is an in independent film company in the UK that focuses on making films with a strong female voice, that tackle human dilemmas and show the vulnerabilities of human existence.

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Featured Fictional Film

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  • Peekaboo


    Emily and Andy have been trying to have a baby for years. After a series of pregnancies ending in stillbirth, their world is torn apart by grief. Emily suffers a breakdown, which has devastating consequences. Andy tries to guide Emily through this difficult time, whilst trying not to fall apart himself. Will their relationship be strong enough to survive?

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Featured Documentary

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  • Still Loved

    Still Loved

    Some films simply demand to be made, no matter how challenging or unpopular their subject matter. 7,000 babies are stillborn every single day. Yet talking about it remains a taboo. Still Loved is a story of love, loss and courage. We witness the struggle, determination and surprising humour as families find challenging and inspiring ways to rebuild their lives after the loss of a tiny life.

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